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Learning to Swim is a skill for LIFE..

Our Aim:

To be the leading provider of Water Awareness, Water Safety, Learn to Swim, and Swimming Technique programmes by ensuring all students are taught the fundamentals of efficient stroking, by promoting personal confidence and self - esteem and by generating enthusiasm for health and fitness.

David Urquhart Swim Schools have been a leading provider of Learn to Swim, Junior Squads and Senior Competitive Squads in SE QLD for the past 40 years.

Founded by David Urquhart (Former President of Swimming Australia, Former President Australian Swim Coaches & Teachers Association, Australian Swim Team Coach, AUSTSWIM Lecturer, Level 2 Coach) and operated by Gavin Urquhart (B.Bus/Management, Level 2 coaching, Swim Ed Qualified, State Swimming Representative) and Chris Urquhart (Australian Swim Team Coach and Age National Medalist).

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The Urquhart family have been involved in the teaching and coaching swimming and water safety programmes for 40 years. In this time our swimming programmes have been proven to produce State Champions, National Champions, Australian Representatives, World Champions an Olympic Gold Medallist, State and Australian Tri-athlete Champions, National Surf Life Saving Champions and heaps of little WHIPPERSNAPPER,………………Champions.

Baby Lessons and Water Familiarisation Classes

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In these levels Parents or Guardians are required to be in the water with the child. Time and patience are prerequisites during this stage of a child’s development. Babies and young children learn quickly but are also subject to rapid biological and physical change. Therefore achievement at these levels is largely determined by their achievements on land and the amount of time the parents are prepared to spend with their child in the water - OUT OF CLASS TIME. Classes run for 30 min however it is our recommendation that parents and children are involved in one lesson per week plus a minimum of two practice sessions in the bath. A child completing these levels may be able to swim 10m (and in some cases to 20m) independently, in their own style, but this DOES NOT MAKE A CHILD DROWN PROOF nor does it replace the importance of vigilant supervision.

Learn to Swim Classes

Learn to swim is the next group of lessons continuing on from the life saving skills established in our Infant Swimming and Water Familiarisation Classes.

We advise that children are enrolled in two lessons per week. Classes are ability grouped, have low student / teacher ratio and are 30 minutes in duration (10min settling time, 20min of intensive learning). Our experience has shown us that this is the best combination to ensure your child can learn and repeat the skills they are taught. “Its not just practice, it is perfect practice.”

Stroke Development Squads

We advise a minimum of 3 sessions per week. Squads are designed to teach your children the fundamentals of competitive swimming while providing fun and creative activities that increase confidence and skill in the aquatic environment. Classes are 45 min to 1 hour in duration.

Swimming Squads

Our squad training caters for a vast range of swimmers and swimming goals. From fitness and social squad swimming, adult and triathlon training to competitive school swimming, regional, state, nation and elite international training. The amount of sessions required from swimmers is dependant on the specific level, ability and goals of the athlete. This is discussed with the coach and the family to determine the appropriate direction the swimmers training will take.