Exactly what it says - this is left to whatever the trainer desires

Tabata - Circuit - Strength - Gym - Cycle - Cardio

No matter what it is you are guaranteed to get a great work out!


Boxing for fitness is high intensity interval training ( HIIT) that creates an all over-body workout. Most importantly, boxing for fitness will make you physically stronger as well as aerobically and anaerobically fitter. Boxing is a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems as well as training upper body, lower body and core strength.


This class is high intensity with intermediate to advanced exercises (using kettlebells - battling ropes - weights etc).  However, like all classes it is modified so regardless of age/fitness etc you will get a great workout!


A unique muscle conditioning class using a Gymstick giving you results in Strength, Endurance, Balance, Joint Stability, Coordination & Postural Awareness without the high impact moves of other land based classes.

25 Minute Challenge

This class is unsupervised - Bec will take you through the warm up and the exercises and format  for the challenge.

The challenge goes for 25 minutes and results are recorded if you want so can compare with next time.


Experience an excellent, low impact cross training workout in the water. Feel the benefits of exercise without the pain on joints.